What To Expect in Olympia

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What to expect at your first visit with the Olympia chiropractors at Kudick Chiropractic? You are energetically and warmly welcomed. Then there’s a small amount of paperwork to be done if you didn't fill it out and bring it with you.

Your First Chiropractic Visit in Olympia

  • Brief Paperwork
    Upon entering the office, we have some brief paperwork for you to fill out. The paperwork provides us with general information about yourself and your condition.
    You can download the paperwork HERE.
  • Initial Consultation
    You meet one of our Doctors, who listens to you about your health concerns, past history, and your health goals.

    • Because it is so important for each person to bond with their Doctor so they can work as a team toward better health, there is no charge for the initial consultation. This consultation is a great, risk-free opportunity to see if we are a “good fit.”
  • A complete Exam is performed including:
    • Range of motion
    • Orthopedic tests
    • Neurological tests
    • Chiropractic analysis for vertebral subluxation (nerve interference)
    • X-rays if necessary

Our Chiropractic exams are thorough and detailed. We use The Surface Electro-Myography (SEMG) to characterize and quantify muscle imbalance along the spine. These imbalances are associated with nerve interference, also called a vertebral subluxation. This information is used to determine your health status and to outline a treatment plan, to help you reach your health goals.

Your Second Visit in Olympia

You will get a thorough report of your exam findings, and get a complete explanation of how Chiropractic can help you reach your health goals. You can ask all the questions you like! Then to get you started on reaching your goals you will need your first health adjustment.

Education is an extremely important part of the healing process. The more you understand about your health and the more you participate in your own care, the faster and better you heal. Our office offers suggestions and literature related to nutrition, exercise, stretches, and ways to decrease stress that help you get healthier faster.

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