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Chiropractic Care for Scoliosis in Olympia WA

At Kudick Chiropractic we see a lot of patients that have scoliosis in Olympia. Most of them have been told that there is nothing that can be done for the their symptoms and they are put on medications to help manage it. While its true that once scoliosis is set in, it is difficult to resolve but symptoms can be managed very effectively with chiropractic care. Treatment can range from subtle manipulations of the spine to using a few techniques to achieve a better functioning spine.


From a side view we want to see specific curves in the spine but from the front ideally we should see the spine going straight up and down. A scoliosis is when the spine has a curve to one side or the other when looking at it from the front or back. It's pretty common for someone to have a slight curve to one side can cause issues.


When the spine has a bend to one side, it is very common to see another bend farther up the spine. Your body wants to walk and lean to one side. So it forces itself to stand up tall which usually means putting a lot of pressure on spine and creates a second bend. These bends put a lot of pressure on the disks between the vertebrae (bones of the spine). This can cause the disk to press on the spinal cord or on the nerves as they leave from the spine. Bends in the spine also cause the muscles on one side to become very tight and the muscles on the opposite side to be stretch and irritated. If the bend isn't corrected or treated, the vertebrae will begin to change shape in response to the stress. This will cause the joints of the vertebrae to stop functioning properly, which leads to early degeneration.


Scoliosis has a lot of different causes. Sometimes a major injury or repetitive injury can cause the vertebrae to shift and then begin to bend. There is a possible heredity component which suggests a scoliosis will develop based on the person's natural growth. This is usually caught and treated early in childhood. A lot of people develop a scoliosis over time if they have one leg longer than the other. This forces the pelvis to tilt and then the spine curves to the other side in order to maintain an upright posture.


At Kudick Chiropractic we use gentle adjustments to the spine. This helps to take the pressure off of the joints of the spine and helps to restore and maintain function. We also use different massage techniques to relieve the discomfort from the muscles being tightened and stretched. We use a special technique called decompression therapy to take the pressure of the disks and nerves which slows down and even can delay the degeneration process.

Visit Kudick Chiropractic in Olympia, Washington and let us help you return to a pain free and functioning life.

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