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It Starts at the Door

Written By Kudick Chiropractic on November 10, 2010

In our office one of my absolute “must dos” is giving attention to our practice members (patients/PM) vs. a task we are doing. What that looks like is as you walk-in you get greeted with a smile, eye contacted and a hello.

Recently I went to the hospital to visit a dear friend who had just received a new kidney two days before. While the staff was pleasant and professional they were not personable, and at one point one person totally ignored a direct question, even though we were standing 6 inches from her and asked 3 times. I was stunned; we were “not her table”. The ironic part was my friend had me stop at Top Foods to pick up a custom ordered ($100 worth) food basket for the hospital staff as a thank you for their care and we were asking where to put the basket and to let them know it was there. My friend actually walked down the hall to personally deliver the basket (I carried it) new kidney and all!!!

I think the healing process begins at our office door. We strive to add to your life physically, mentally and spiritually by increasing the quality of your health. Our goal is to honor you as a person whether you are a PM or a person who is looking for a different building or delivering a package… it all counts and it makes our job enjoyable and fun!

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