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Black and White

Written By Kudick Chiropractic on October 23, 2012

There are very few things that I think are Black and White….

One of them is: You think and move towards health OR disease. They are a mutually exclusive thinking process, either/or. When taking a cholesterol reducing drug (statin) it is not about health, it is about disease- just like having surgery because a surgeon suggests that it is the “best course of action” is also about disease. The word “surgeon” should give a clue as to their prejudice. Surgery is FOREVER, no going back….you live with the consequences, and possible benefits.  But wait, does that mean that anyone who takes a drug or has surgery is “disease thinking?” Absolutely not! However, if you do not do everything you can lifestyle wise, i.e. diet, exercise, decrease stress, etc. but go for the “easy way out” you are moving in the disease realm. Say you have diabetes, you can be preoccupied by the disease aspect, or you can think, “How can I support my body to best deal with this?”- eat healthy, exercise, live your life, and think positive…That is moving towards health.

I am truly amazed at how many people respond to my questions by saying they have given up or abdicated responsibility for their health to a drug or surgery. There is ALWAYS something you can do to help your body more. It does take effort and energy, but there is ALWAYS a benefit. Unfortunately, the opposite is not always true. I see so many people left with the same, similar, or worse symptoms and problems than before taking drugs or having surgery, and I find it quite sad.

The choice is each person's to make: Think and move towards Health OR think and move towards disease….It is always my pleasure to help move you in the direction of health.

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